Athletic Retraining and Physical Therapy

Athletic Reengineering

Helping you get deeper into your game

We’re here to help you reach the peak of your abilities.  Our physical therapists are accomplished athletes in their respective sports.  We are actively involved in competitive bicycling, track, martial arts, dancing, surfing, and more, so we understand the sports specific requirements that produce excellence.  And we personally appreciate the role sports play in an athlete’s life.  We create personalized programs for every life stage and level of functional goals.

Our Commitment

We will get you back to your sport – with a better understanding of what you need to do to prevent relapse, further augment your training, and improve your performance.

Our Skills

We break down the biomechanical elements of the specific requirements for your sport (such as the flexibility and strength in surfing, the explosiveness of martial arts movements, the core strength and lift of shooting a basket) as well as the universal requirement for optimum movement: core, muscle balance, power, and flexibility.

Results for You

Whether you’re smashing a volleyball, serving in tennis, or running competitively, our programs are designed specifically for your goals.

Our Other Services

Our expertise covers a range of physical therapy programs that create results for people.  This is a summary – you can find out more by clicking the ‘Learn more…‘ link for each one.

Rehab for acute injury and chronic conditions

We help you create a more resilient mechanical structure in your body.  Both acute injuries and repetitive motion strains cause the body to begin to substitute dysfunctional motion in place of the impaired or damaged normal motion.  That means it’s not enough to just reduce swelling, diminish pain, and improve strength.  Full recovery means the restoration of normal movement and removing the substitution motion.  That’s what we do: identify the dysfunctional movements that substitute for normal movement because of injury or habit and correct them.

  • Our skill and experience is to understand the linkages and empower you to change the process that has started with injury and/or led to injury.
  • We help you generate normal muscle balance of the trunk, scapula, and hips.
  • We give you a set of skills to manage your acute recovery as well as the improvement of your chronic conditions – to put you back in charge.
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Your journey back to living fully begins here

Surgery is often not recovery, but the beginning of your recovery.

  • We help create the bridge between the life you envision for yourself and the limitations you experience now.
  • We, as a team of physical therapists, have over 77 years of combined clinical experience with surgical conditions.
  • Successful surgery means you can do what you want to do in your life.  Your success is our success.
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Head to toe, our programs can help you with a variety of difficulties

We bring a depth of experience, knowledge, and patience to tackle persistent challenges you may have, chronic conditions that have been difficult to overcome, or injuries that complicate recover – as well as sports injuries, recovery from surgery, and rehabilitation of acute or chronic problems. We take seriously your goals and will help you find your path to recovery.

  • Your Head and Neck: Your head and neck exemplify your unique movement patterns. We assess those movement patterns carefully. Our treatment programs are based on your individualized needs.
  • Your Shoulders: Faulty movement patterns often lead to impairments of strength and motion that diminish function of the shoulder.
  • Your Arms, Wrists, and Hands: We understand how your movement patterns can lead to repetitive strains and upper extremity tendinitis.
  • Spinal Conditions: With a consistent therapist, and a careful evaluation of both mobility and stability, our progressive spinal programs are designed based on your individual needs.
  • Your Hips: Your life happens outside the physical therapy clinic. We help you prepare your hips for the physical challenges of your life.
  • Your Knees: Your knee has unique capabilities and patterns of movement. Your knee can have both holistic-mechanical and specific knee tissue problems that can impair your life’s function.
  • Your Feet and Ankles: The bottom line is that your feet have to both absorb shock and propel you forward or life’s activities are painful. We understand how important feet are to function.
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Why Choose Us

  • We help you build your health from the ground up.
  • We meet you where you are – and then take you beyond where you thought you could go.
  • We are dedicated to giving people our very best.
  • We take a creative approach that gets results.
  • We combine hands-on work with exercises depending on what you need.
  • We have an unrelenting focus on biomechanics – because that’s what is going to get you the results you want.

What Our Clients Say

Capitola Physical Therapy is a much simpler, personable, cleaned and relaxed environment than many of the larger PT places with lots of assistants and machine work. –Jessica Webb, Capitola, CA
Jessica Webb, Capitola, CA
Jonathan meets people where they are in their healing process.  And he doesn’t accept anything that could get in the way of them getting better.  He’s pushing and reassuring at the same time.  He’ll push you beyond where you thought you could go.  His words: “I want to understand how you walk and learn how to get you back to walking in all the ways you used to: emotionally and mentally.”
FireHawk Hulin, Boulder Creek, CA
Outstanding from day one.  He explained everything thoroughly, including why the strengthening before my surgery.
MM, Santa Cruz, CA
Incredible depth of knowledge and enormous understanding.  He doesn’t try to talk you into doing the exercises – he motivates you!
The ‘Hi’ greeting I get feels like I”m coming in and seeing a friend – someone who cares about me.  Kindness and caring can go a long way.
ML, Santa Cruz, CA
Capitola Physical Therapy is a great place to go for hands-on physical therapy – their treatment was very effective for my whole body trauma.
DB, Santa Cruz, CA
The exercises speeded up the healing process for my foot. And my shoulder and hip are much better. I’m so much more confident going down stairs–before I was hesitant and clutched the railing, now I just bounce on down!
Jessica Webb, Capitola, CA
Erika is delightful to work with! She’s knowledgeable, professional, and kind. Her diagrams on the exercises were very good and she took the time to make sure I had them for reference, even when I had lost them. Erika helped me move past the problems I had and brought me back to normal.
ML, Santa Cruz, CA