We Are Here To Serve You

  • Jonathan Holtz Capitola Physical Therapy Santa Cruz
  • Vanessa Diamond DPT Capitola Physical Therapy
  • Sarita Jessica Benn Towle CMT Physical Therapy Aide
  • We offer a warm, caring, personal experience of all type of physical therapy with a focus on you and your goals.
  • You’ll have a completely customized whole system approach to physical therapy based on your particular challenge.
  • We provide continuity: unless you ask us, or we ask you, you will always be scheduled with the same physical therapist.
  • We use outside-the-box creative approaches to physical therapy when needed and a combination of hands-on with exercises to produce the results you’re looking for.
  • We look forward to meeting you!

Why Are We The Best?

We make a functional difference for people by improving the impairments of posture and movement. Above all, we are committed to being of service.
We empower the behavioral change needed for restoration and maintaining normal movement and function as well as achieving goals of enhanced functional capacity. Limitations in function are treated by understanding and addressing the impairments of movement and posture using exercise, hands on treatment and education.
We express our commitment and professionalism in the practice of Physical Therapy by our dedicated service to our patients, their doctors, and to the community.
We meet you where you are and help take you beyond where you thought you could go.

Our Crazy Skills

Our reported success rate 90
Our recommendation rate 95
Our measure of loyalty 85
Our functional improvement score 80

Our Policies

Insurance Contracts

We are Preferred Providers for all Health Plans of the Insurance companies and their affiliated companies listed below. We are providers for the HMO plans contracted through Physician’s Medical Group (PMG).

Aetna Cigna Mutual Of Omaha:
AIG Claims Coastal Health PacificCare
Blue Cross First Health PHCS
Blue Shield Health Net Dignity Health Medical Network
CCN Medicare …and thousands (literally) more!

Our practice is contracted with over 4,000 different insurance companies. A complete listing is not possible, but the common companies (Medicare, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Health Net) are well represented in our Preferred Provider contracts. We are Network Providers for PMG, First Health, PTPN, and many more. We are providers for most Worker’s Compensation Companies and Networks.

A typical health benefit is defined by the Insurance Company and Health Benefit Plan as well as the Network which manages the contracts for the Insurance Company. If you have questions about coverage, eligibility, out of pocket costs, please get your insurance card out and call us.


Hours: 8:00 AM to 5: 00 PM Monday – Friday
Capitola Physical Therapy Appointments: Call (831) 475-1200
Early and late appointments available on a case by case basis
Appointments are 30 – 45 minutes long


A deductible is a certain level of expense that you must meet each year before the insurance company begins to pay for your care. Deductibles vary. Networks PPO discounts apply to deductibles.

Co-insurances are a percentage of the allowed fee that you must pay according to the terms of your Health Insurance contracts. As charges may vary across different treatment sessions we estimate a charge level and ask for payment based on that estimate at the time of service. Alternate arrangements can be made.

Co-Payments are a set level of expense that you must pay at each visit according to the terms of your health insurance contract with your insurance company.